Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Vaudeville Corset and Skirt with musicnotes

The red-black satin corset comes with three different cup options. You can wear the corset with a plain red cup, a red cup covered with some crystals, or with a sexy cup that consist of just few stripes covered with a lot of crystals. All three cup options are both delivered on shirt layer and on jacket layer.

The corset can be worn without the skirt. There is a cute bottum ornament to complete the ‘just corset’ wear.
The black flowing skirt is made of music bars and music notes, very tight woven. When you just stand still, you only see the black skirt. But when you walk or dance red music notes will pop up from the skirt.
The product contains:

Three different corset tops (each on shirt and jacket layer)
Corset under part (underpants layer)
Corset bottum ornament
Flexi skirt
Glitch pants (to wear under skirt)
Music Notes (to wear under skirt)
Bows for the gloves
Hair ornament

In the mainshop is a demo available

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


‘Emmy’ is a design that is influenced by the Emmy Award statuette.

Madeliefste Oh took some significant details of this statuette, the wings and the globe, and worked with them in this design.

The long black dress is made of sequenced fabric, which is covered with very thin white voile at the end. It’s a daring dress that is open at the front from the cupcakes till under the navel. Emmy wings are spread over the cups, and the cups are covered with sparkling diamonds. Ladies who don’t like bling, can still wear the diamonds, there is an opportunity to put the bling of.
Apart from the cups you see the golden wings appear on the matching long gloves, and in the border of the hat. The Emmy globe is processed in the hat as well. The design comes with a transparent handbag, also in the form of the globe.

The wealthey white fur of an artic fox covers the shoulders, and gives the outfit a radiation that only the rich and famous can afford. For those who love animals too much to wear them, there is also a boa without fox head in the package.

The product contains:
Top (on shirt, undershirt and jacket layer)
Glitch pants
Translucent skirt (in 3 parts)
Diamonds (scripted)
Globe Hat
Globe Bag
Arctic Fox
Boa Fine Feathers

In the mainshop is a demo available

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn herself

Madeliefste Oh was inspired by trees in this time of the year when she made her newest design called ‘Autumn herself ’. Autumn brings wonderful and vibrant colours to nature, and that is what we see back in this huge gown. Sunny yellow is combined with fading green, deep red and warm orange.

This extravagant design aims to surprise. When you see it from a far distance you might think ‘Wow, that is a long train on that gown’, but when you come closer you may ask yourself: ‘Is this actually a gown? It looks like this woman is wearing half a tree on her backside...’

The train of the gown is partly made of wood. There are branches that carry the autumn leaves printed fabric. The whole creation is covered with small leaves on branches that stick out of the fabric and also decorate the hair, which is part of the outfit.

‘Autumn herself ’ has the possibility to loose leaves. The woman or creature who wears the dress can decide whether she will keep her leaves with her or let them go. This is done with a fall script, that you can handle by chat. You just say ‘fall on’ of ‘fall of’ to control your leaves loss.

The beauty of autumn is short. Once the winds starts blowing trees will soon loose their gorgeous look, and in the end they will be naked, and must stay undressed for whole winter.
The creation is completed with wooden gloves and long branch fingers. These fingers are both a warning and an encouragement: a warning to prepare for the winter to come, and an encouragement to enjoy beauty as long as it lasts.

In the mainshop is a demo available

Thursday, September 24, 2009

“Fortune, tell me”, she said. Her eyes got glossy, and she seemed to see at a level where most other humans don’t look.

‘Fortune, tell me’ is a design that refers to traditional gipsy clothing but is more sexy and modern. The design is made of satin and consist of a bolero, a short pants, short skirt, a gipsy skirt and a bracelet. The gipsy skirt is decorated with lucky coins.
The bolero combined with the gipsy skirt is the perfect outfit for women who love the mystique. It will fit nicely when having a séance, reading tarot cards or hand reading. But also in common situations if you’re in a mystique mood it’s nice to express this by wearing this combination.
If you combine the bolero with the short skirt or the short pants the effect is less mysterious but this is a great outfit for a walk on the beach, or a nice evening round a campfire. Also on the dance floor you will look good and sexy.

The product contains:
Bolero (shirt layer and jacket layer)
Shorts (pants layer and underpants layer)
Short skirt (flexy)
Gypsy skirt (flexy)
Arm Ornament (flexy)

There is a demo available in the mainshop

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Nightfall is a specially original creation with celebrities airs. The long train of the skirt and the hat are made of satin, in het bodice is voile and flexmetal used. Flexmetal is a new material developed for Madame Haute Couture, it is flexible, feels soft on the skin and moves with the body. The outside of flexmetal is a little harder and covered with gold-leaf.
The bodices comes in two variations, with or without bra. Both variations are on all three layers.

The product contains:
Bodice, with bra (undershirt, shirt and jacket layer)
Bodice, without bra (undershirt, shirt and jacket layer)
Bodice, underpart (skirt layer)
Glitch pants (pantslayer)
Skirt (sculpted)
Hat (sculpted)

A demo is available in our main store.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Milestone is a combination design. in the package is a short and a long top, long pants and a short skirt. The top is the showpiece of the creation. The whole front is covered with the gemstones aquamarine and blue zircon. Also on the top are copper coins and beads.

The pants are made of dark brown satin. The front and the back are on the seams strongly stitched up wrinkled.

The skirt is a playful creation in light blue with a dark brown ribbon, several brown tints gradually fading at the folds. The bottom edge of the skirt is decorated with copper coins and beads.

A matching pair of panties is also in the package.

You can combine everting to your heart's content with the several parts of this creation that is delivered in all layers.

The product contains:
long top (on undershirt layer, shirt layer en jacket layer)
short top (on undershirt layer, shirt layer en jacket layer)
panty (on pants layer en underpants layer)
flexi skirt

In the main store is a demo available.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


‘Forward’ is THE coat for adventurous women. The elegant coat is made out of supple genuine leather. The design follows the line of the classic trench coat which gives it a sturdy look. On the other hand gives the choice of materials this coat a luxurious touch. The coat is waterproof and all weather resistant. ‘Forward’ is the perfect choice for women who spent lot's of their time outside.

‘Forward’ is also wearable as a short jacket.

The product contains: upper part (jacket), under part (skirt), 2 cuffs (sculpted), collar (sculpted), collar and belt, additional back part (flexi).

Available in the colors: black, blue, purple, red, green and bronze
There is a demo available in the main store in red